How To Choose The Right LMS In 2021

by DHx Software | Feb 23, 2021 | , | 0 comments

If you are a business owner, training manager, or HR manager, you have already faced your fair share of challenges brought on by the COVID pandemic. These challenges include creating systems for a remote workforce, keeping onsite workers and customers safe, providing support to departments you haven't seen face to face in months, and keeping up with compliance. Technology is an essential tool in overcoming these challenges. But if you are a small business, your existing systems are probably not up to the task at hand. It's time to choose the right Learning Management System,  LMS, for 2021.

If you have an off-the-shelf LMS that served adequately during the days of classroom training and seminars, you need enhanced software that can ensure your "brand education" is conveyed consistently across all channels despite today's "remote realities." Improving production, strengthening customer loyalty, and avoiding compliance issues through accurate certification records are just the start of what a modern, cloud-based LMS can do for your company.

Selecting the Right LMS for 2021

With many options available, the challenge is to identify those that apply to your business situation, and to do that effectively you need a process:

  • Identify Your Needs. They have likely changed since you originally evaluated LMS systems. You have to deal with training that does not involve groups gathering. Does that mean eLearning or hybrid conference/eLearning. Who is your audience? How tech-savvy are they and do they all have access to devices. What kind of training are they receptive to?
  • Establish Objectives. Processes are only effective if they are measurable. Establish specific goals. Boost sales is not a specific goal. Increase sales 20% in six months is. Break your objectives down into smaller specific goals designed to meet the stated objective. This creates a pathway to success and obviously, your LMS has to support these tasks.
  • Define LMS Capabilities Required. This is a list that will require input from across all stakeholders, but let's start with the basics. How will registration be accomplished, who will assign and track training? Who can create or edit content? Who will have Administrator rights? And then get into delivery systems. What types of media capabilities, notification methods, and conferencing capabilities will be required. Once you have completed the list of requirements, you can begin the next challenge.
  • Design Your Solution.  Once you know more about your needs and the capabilities of a good LMS, you can design a custom solution that matches your business’s specific training processes, with a target on growth, continued innovation, and scalability.

Choosing LMS Software - Overwhelming, Confusing, Distracting?

The answer to the above is simple. Let us help, There is no question selecting an LMS application is time-consuming and complicated. But the investment is crucial to continued success in today's business climate.

There is a way to eliminate much of the legwork and ensure you will wind up with a system that meets your needs precisely. Speak with the digital learning experts at DHX Software and arrange for an evaluation. Cut out all the time-consuming research and deliver an LMS to your company that meets all your needs including a cost that fits your budget. 

Schedule a call with us to discuss your project. We have the business experience to understand your specific needs and to tailor a solution specific to you. Schedule now.