Building Predictable Revenue Streams

by Jim Duckett | Nov 17, 2020 |

Do you have an automated process for building a predictable business?   As we have said before we find that many of our customers use multiple systems (or multiple spreadsheets) in different parts of their sales processes, which makes it..

Interactive Training in the Time of COVID

by admin | Jul 14, 2020 |

On-line training and development has been gaining traction for over two decades, because it offers the ability to quickly and inexpensively reach large audiences and to reinforce concepts through short snippets. Meanwhile, traditional development..

Are you Tracking Leads and Opportunities in a Spreadsheet?

by admin | May 8, 2020 |

We talk a lot about how many of our customers run their business on old systems that don't necessarily talk to each other. Often, the only way to move data from one system to another--for example from a bid system to a project management..

How Many Systems--and People!--Does it Take to Go from Home Owner to Builder to Subcontractor to Suppliers?

by admin | May 7, 2019 |

For years, we at DHx Software have been talking about the number of systems it takes to run a business--bid systems, project management systems, customer management systems, supply chain systems, accounting systems, etc. Invariably, we find that..

Don't Just Pick the Best LMS--Make Sure You Get the Best Partner

by admin | Sep 12, 2018 |

At DHx, we are proud to help our customers evaluate and implement the eFront learning management system. Our customers love the intuitive interface, the ability to easily track compliance training, to create unique environments for different..

Preview of the Pediatric Cardiac Learning Center

by admin | Jun 8, 2018 |

We are lucky to be working with a great team from Cincinnati Children's Hospital to help them develop the Pediatric Cardiac Learning Center, a collaborative effort to develop training for residents, fellows, and practicing physicians. The PCLC is..