Competing In The Coronavirus Economy With Custom Software

by Jim Duckett | Feb 16, 2021 | , , | 0 comments

Over the past year, the coronavirus caused a seismic shift in the U.S. economy and the pandemic accelerated the digitization of our businesses. We now live in a world where we work, learn, create and receive healthcare using new and modern technology.

Updating Your Business Software

Great organizations are updating old and outdated applications and systems with new platforms that are accessible from anywhere in the world so they can effectively compete in the new and challenging business environment.

Where does that leave the smaller companies without significant resources? Companies that are running their businesses on old applications that are built on old technology may find it hard to survive in the new world we are competing in. 

Today’s customers need the ability to connect, learn, buy product’s and get exceptional service from their keyboards and our businesses need to be tooled to provide that.

Case Study: Old-School Business Using Modern Technology

Here is an example of an old-style business that is applying “out of the box” thinking to better satisfy their customers while producing better business results for the company.

This customer runs a very large RV Storage facility—sounds easy, right? They have over 5000 spaces that come in a number of sizes and options including covered and uncovered. Their simple operation involves hundreds of business rules ranging from who can access which vehicle when to how to combine two spaces into one or how to change the sizes of spaces. They need to be able to manage waiting lists, contracts, payments, notifications, and more. Essentially, their business process requires a custom application that is part CRM, part Real Estate, part Document Management, and part ERP system.

This is not a large business with hundreds of employees. It is, however, a customer-centric business that needs to manage complex workflows and needs to track a significant amount of moving parts.

This innovative team knew that they needed to change. They knew they needed to rely on better systems to check people and vehicles in and out of their facility. They knew that printing and filing paper was not a good way to solve their document management needs and they knew that to remain competitive and offer their customers first-class service, they needed to update their old technology.

Their new and modern platform was not a huge investment and it positions them well into the future. 

Let’s Modernize Your Business

We’d love to hear how you have made the move to updating your systems and are always willing to share ideas and methods if you are just starting the process.

If you’d like to talk to us about cost-effective ways of modernizing or building systems that will support your business workflows please send us a note at Or, feel free to schedule a call.