Software Designed By Business Owners For Business Owners

by DHx Software | Dec 28, 2020 | | 0 comments

We’re guessing you will be relieved to have your business software developed by people who understand business, by people who speak your language -- profits, sales, marketing, budgets, goals, etc.  Sure, we’re experts at coding and project management and software stacks and all that. But we’ve also been business owners for decades. We speak your language.

Why Is This Important?

As long-time business owners ourselves, we understand the daily challenges a business faces. We also understand the goals of a business owner for their business. That enables us to design software that truly addresses your business’s needs, rather than focusing on cool, unnecessary features that may have no impact on your top and bottom lines.

We’ve been there and done that, with our own ventures. We’ve raised capital and launched new businesses, executed successful exits, and everything in between. That gives us unique insight into what your team, your customers, and your partners might come to expect from your software systems.

Your Software Needs to Align with Your Business Goals

Most CEOs we talk to have similar goals: find and retain new customers, reduce expenses (increase efficiency), and improve communication both internally and externally. Those goals are supported by more specific, short-term goals, tied to revenue, EBITDA, new hires, training, etc. When it comes to custom software for your business, your solution needs to align with and support the attainment of those goals. 

Here’s how custom business software might help accomplish that:

  • Information Flow: Software is all about information -- access, flow, protection, and usage. When your systems can all access the same data, rather than duplicating it in each area, you’ll find efficiency and a reduction of errors in your whole operation. That leads to increased efficiency. 
  • Automation: As we design your software solution, we find ways to automate tasks. Alerts, triggers, and information flow across business units are great opportunities for automation. Imagine data collected by the sales team enabling marketing, fulfillment, and finance to all start their processes sooner and automatically. 
  • Integration: We can tie together existing software systems without having to re-write all of it. That can reduce costs of software development, but it also enables you to keep using systems that you may not even have control over, like those from customers and vendors.
  • Security: Data security has never been more important than it is today, especially with so many employees working from home. It is essential that your software protects your business and your data from hackers.

Let’s Take A Look At Your Business

Schedule a time to talk with us about your business. You’ll be surprised at how many questions are about how you do things and how you make money. You may even take away some great ideas just from our talk. But our hope is that you’ll see that we have the right mix of business acumen and technical expertise to create just the right custom software for your business.

Schedule a time to talk with us (Use our Calendly page).