Benefits of Custom CRM Software Solutions

by DHx Software | Jun 22, 2021 | | 0 comments

Find and retain new customers. That is often the number one goal for CEOs and small business owners. At the center of achieving that goal is a good CRM. As a business grows, as its sales and marketing efforts mature, and as operations and finances get tied into those processes, the need for a CRM that fits this growth and can scale with the business becomes essential. That’s where a custom CRM solution comes in--a CRM that is tuned to your business. This software will enable your company to focus on customers and on your market.

What Is Custom CRM?

Custom Relationship Management (CRM) software is software that manages a company’s interactions with its customers and market. A custom CRM is one that is developed by a custom software developer to align with the processes, operations, and business logic of a business. The difference between an actual custom CRM and a customizable CRM is that a custom CRM is built for the specific business, while the customizable CRM simply presents options in its setup to help conform to the business’s needs. 

Benefits of Custom CRM

Relief and increased business efficiency are probably the two biggest outcomes we see when we create a custom CRM for a new client. Dropping in a custom solution greases the operational skids, and the whole team tends to feel great relief as business leaders realize new efficiencies. Along with those, we also see these seven benefits of custom CRM.

  1. User Experience. A good CRM solution can be the software backbone that supports sales, marketing, operations, finance, support, and more. But all of that only comes together if your team uses it. With a custom solution, you define the user experience.
  2. Closes the Engagement Gap: When businesses lose touch with customers and prospects, they create an engagement gap. With a custom CRM, those gaps can be closed. Off-the-shelf solutions often create these gaps as a result of misalignment between business methods and the software.
  3. Simplicity. It may seem counterintuitive for a custom-developed software solution to be simple, but custom software often includes automation. The software takes on tasks that out-of-the-box solutions require humans to implement, often stopping the process in its tracks. Complexity can present itself as simplicity.
  4. Fit and Flexibility. With a custom solution, your CRM will fit into your existing hardware and software design, including databases, other software, and reporting and analytics.  It will also fit right into your business processes and your operational business logic, facilitating the flow of information rather than getting in the way. A big part of this fit is integration.
  5. Integration. Your business may be running on legacy software, spreadsheets, and modern cloud-based solutions for many functional areas of business. A custom CRM dials right into those, creating a cohesive solution and making sure data is accurate and consistent.
  6. Competitive Advantage and Innovation. When you control your CRM’s functionality, you’ll be able to stay a few steps ahead of your market when it comes to managing customer relationships, your sales and marketing pipelines, manufacturing speed, delivery, and more.
  7. Insight. Leaders and managers will be able to see meaningful data and reports, not canned information. Imagine a dashboard that aligns with your business goals and operations.

What About Your Business?

Imagine your team enthusiastically using a software solution that makes sales and marketing and operations and finance all share information, creating new opportunities for growth and turning your customers into raving fans, all while staying a few steps ahead of the competition. Is your business ready to realize the benefits of a custom CRM? If you think so, then let’s schedule a short call to discuss the possibilities

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