Customizable LMS: Tips and Recommendations

by DHx Software | Jun 15, 2021 | , , | 0 comments

Imagine a Learning Management System (LMS) that employees WANT to use and that is dialed right into your existing systems -- all results, certifications, and training content are part of your corporate DNA. That is what a customizable LMS will do for your business. We have a few tips and recommendations to optimize your LMS through customization. See below.

What is LMS customization?

A Learning Management System is a software solution that businesses use to create, deliver, and track training programs for their employees and for their customers. An effective LMS ensures that knowledge remains within the organization and doesn’t leave the business when employees leave. The end results include efficiency, satisfied customers, high team morale, and innovation. So, then what is a customizable LMS?

A customizable LMS is one that enables the training program to use custom content, integrates with other software such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, and provides a platform for custom reporting and tracking.

It is that customizable LMS solution that makes a great LMS, one that will adapt and grow with a business’s training needs.

How do you customize LMS?

First, let’s distinguish between LMS Customization and LMS Optimization. Optimization involves tailoring the platform to run smoothly in a fully integrated way so that the LMS becomes a seamless part of your operations. Optimization includes designing the training program and content to your specific needs, making the training engaging, and creating a system that is easy and fun to use.

Customization enables you to optimize your LMS. By customizing your LMS, you allow your company to accomplish optimization through integrations with other software, a robust content platform, and delivery of training through multiple media including live training, streaming and recorded content.

Tips And Recommendations for LMS Customization

Here are some quick tips on how to customize your LMS software:

  • Brand It: Use your logo, color scheme, and other branding to give your LMS the look and feel your employees see throughout the organization. This reinforces the organic value of your training program.
  • Align The Training: Your LMS training elements should mirror your company’s operations, organization, and other systems.
  • Custom Feedback Loop: Create quizzes and tests to ensure that the training accomplishes the desired outcomes. You can create certifications and certificates automatically based on these evaluations.
  • Make It Collaborative: When employees and leadership work together, training is more effective and fun.
  • Give It Your Corporate Personality: You work hard to develop a corporate culture. Your LMS will be much more engaging when it uses your corporate language and culture.
  • Create Competition: Just about everything is gamified these days, from driving navigation apps to education apps. Even those who aren’t overly competitive will play along because nobody wants to come in last place.

What else can you do once you customize your LMS? Check out these examples:

  • Integrating with a third-party LMS so that your users have a single place to go to find training and your business has a single system with all training records
  • Creating custom certification logic based on courses taken and professional experience
  • Integrating with an HR system to create a dynamic reporting structure within the LMS
  • Creating custom analytics, such as which part of a video did someone watch?
  • Creating a custom payroll report so that employees can be compensated for the training they take
  • Creating a custom calendar that allows you to find live sessions by topic and location
  • Adding custom portals in front of the LMS 


A customizable LMS will evolve with your corporate knowledge base and ensure that knowledge is passed onto those who need it. It will create a fun, engaging training program with current content. It will share data with existing software systems, including generating custom reports and training certificates.

That’s what a customized Learning Management System can do for your company.

Can you imagine the benefits your company will realize with this? Set up a time to talk with us (Calendly) about your training program, and we’ll let you know a custom LMS package will get you those outcomes.