Finding the Right Support Your Legacy Training Platform

by admin | Feb 28, 2018 | | 0 comments

As experts at implementing and customizing the eFrontPro Learning Management System, we find that many of our customers and potential customers have a legacy LMS that they built in house. Most of these systems are tired and hard to use. It can be hard to find resources to keep these systems up and running. And, in addition to the inefficiency of working with these systems on a daily basis, they represent significant risks, from possible outages to potential security breaches.

With our expertise in the LMS space and expertise in securing and maintaining legacy systems, we can help in three ways:

1: We can help customers move immediately to eFrontPro while migrating all historical information and course content. This helps customers get to a modern, supportable platform and mitigates significant risks while often lowering costs.

2: For customers who have business reasons why they cannot move (such as heavy integrations with a large number of customers), we can work to make their existing platforms stable and secure. And, we can create support strategies to keep them that way for extended periods, including enhancing the application with new features, creating automated backups, and potentially moving it to a cloud architecture.

3: For customers who want to move slowly, we can offer a hybrid model in which they are able to run eFrontPro in parallel with the legacy system, allowing them to methodically migrate content and users onto the new platform.

In all of these cases, we focus on working with our customers to find the right combination of business and technical solutions to make sure the strategy addresses your goals and priorities.

If you would like to explore how we could help you manage a legacy LMS, or to talk about moving to eFrontPro, please let us know.