Manage Instructor-Led Training (ILT) on Your LMS

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Your training program will depend on a Learning Management System that provides a platform to create the greatest success in your instructor-led training (ILT). Many LMS solutions fall short of providing the foundation for building instructor-led training, as an ILT curriculum requires allocating resources, controlling budgets, and managing the logistics of the coursework. Additionally, the LMS needs to provide feedback and reporting, in order to provide continuous improvement in both the training and the results -- the transfer of knowledge from the experts to the rest of your organization or customers.

How Do You Make Instructor-led Training?

Once you have an Instructional Design Model in place, you’ll take these steps to create your instructor-led training program:

  1. Outline Your Course Objectives: “Begin with the end in mind.” Identify the goals and objectives for each course and what you want trainees to take away from the training.
  2. Variety: Consider the differences in employees, trainers, and departments within your company. Also, add variety to the coursework to maintain engagement and enthusiasm for both trainers and trainees. 
  3. Great Supporting Materials: Part of keeping everybody engaged is having great learning materials that hold their attention and keep them interesting in learning.
  4. Keep It Relevant and Updated: Outdated training can quickly become irrelevant and even erroneous. That will kill your training program. Keep it updated.
  5. Create Realistic Expectations: An unexpected surprise during training can derail a trainee and a course. Each course needs an outline of expectations as to time commitment, lessons to learn, and what success means within the program.
  6. Choose Great Instructors: If success in your instructor-led training begins with the end in mind, that end goal depends on your instructors. They need to be experts, engaging and trained up on how to train.

Virtual Instructor-led Training

We have all learned to go virtual during this COVID-19 pandemic. One thing seems clear: virtual training isn’t going away. Creating a virtual instructor-led training program that becomes a hybrid experience with your existing eLearning program is essential. It is important that your virtual program include everything mentioned above, including great instructors who are good at virtual training, engaging materials, content that is relevant and up-to-date, and the rest.

What Are The Different Types Of Instructor-led Training Methods?

With the hybrid model of live and virtual training we mentioned above, there are several methods to deploy your training program through your Learning Management System. These include:

  1. Webinars, which are one-to-many presentations
  2. One-on-One training
  3. Existing eLearning courses
  4. Simulations of specific processes
  5. Live lectures and presentations
  6. Recorded videos
  7. Group discussions

Each method involves an instructor and all supporting materials.

Creating Your Instructor-led Training

In today’s pandemic economy, companies are doing training and meetings in Zoom. They are adding custom components to their learning management systems, including integration with other systems, tracking systems, payment options, and asynchronous components that allow for time flexibility. It is also time to integrate your Instructor-led Training into your LMS. By doing so, you can create a blended-training program that effectively transfers the knowledge and expertise that you have built up over the years to each employee who will benefit from that knowledge. As a result, your company will grow faster by growing smarter.

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